• Lauren Anderson

Why I won’t let go of my iPod Classic

Updated: Mar 17

Like your beloved first car, your oldest fondest sweater, my iPod holds music, yes but also memories and a sense of nostalgia that I hold near (literally)

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Music is my timeline. My milestone markers, my seasonal states, my moods.

I date my playlists which are like going through old photo albums- remembering the times, thoughts, and situations; each song a conversation, a poem, words said better than you could yourself.

There’s no tangle, that music hasn’t helped me through.

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Cue Rick Astley,

“Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you”

To me, it is crazy that the iPod can be considered “retro” in any way shape, or form, but according to EVERYONE that sees me use it, it is such.

Now I miss cassettes somewhat and I dearly miss the days of mixed CDs and trading with friends- I can only go so far with music advancements. (To be honest, I had my iPod refurbished to extend its life as my other iPods are considered fallen friends on my shelf, holding music they can no longer play)

Sure, it freezes every once in a while but in a way it also reminds me to not be so impatient, to stop, breathe and let the song play out. The same way I still use earphones with the cord reminds me I am attached (literally) at that moment it’s good and bad depending on how you spin it but it’s a fact & a reminder.

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To have a simple device that plays music, your music, and only your music is a calming focus. When I use my iPhone to play music I am constantly zoned into it, once I have it out I am then inclined to scroll emails, check social media, etc, well because it's right there. But, with my iPod I am able to play my music and think, meditate, and relax (not to mention preserve my phone battery).

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The constant screen time with the phone is exhausting in a way physically with straining of the eyes and mentally with incessant light and stimulation.

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Don’t you miss the ease of the press of an actual button to skip to the next song? I love being able to keep my iPod in my pocket while I walk the busy city sidewalks, with the ability to still control my music. My favorite part is being one of, oh about 3% walking with their head up and not down glued to their phone screens. I feel free not experiencing life through a screen.

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The way my music taste did not progress much past 2003, my choice of the device has not either.  One of my favorite possessions in my apartment is my record player- free of music app commercials or any internet connection. And that sound is unparalleled.

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I’m an old soul, a nostalgic melancholic person, and long for the past. In a sense, if you listen to the music that takes you back to a time and place it keeps memories alive.

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And like the grooves of a record-perhaps growing imperfect in time, our life paths’ parallel; reflected musically with each moment in a song.