• Lauren Anderson

The Eye of Fashion

We worship at his lens and he, at the feet of the chic…

… “Because I’m just about capturing what I see and documenting what I see”…

Unlike most bloggers, photographers, and reporters Bill looks for the trends to capture, not to capture a trend already present in his mind

Bill Cunningham - New York

In the Netflix documentary, “Bill  Cunningham New York (2010) “It’s really hard to describe oneself because I think one lives very often in other people’s visions…” -Iris Apfel

Bill, known for snapping away while pedaling through town…

Fashion is an endless cycle of trends, fads, and an expression of oneself

The eye of fashion

The eye of fashion by bigla11 on Polyvore

“Because there’s no reason to think fashion is finished just reach back into your closet…”

Patrick McDonald explains in the documentary, the expressionism fashion holds…

“Were all blank canvases when we get up in the morning and we paint ourselves”

Untainted by the materialism society has ensued… Bill’s work remains fresh and innovative

Bill started in the 1960s when people started dressing with personal free expression

Throughout time Bill has broken the boundaries that were once laid between runway fashions and street fashion …finding similarities and beauty in many aspects we are oblivious to

(Shout-out to my college), Fashion Institute of Technology, did an exhibit of Bill Cunnigham’s hat line, in which he went under the name. “William J”

Thelma golden – director of studio museum of Harlem discusses the amazing connections people have in the city with each other and organizations and “Bill really chronicles that”

October 23, 2011

Not interested in the guest list..

but rather in what the charity or event does… …His interest ignites with the fashion… not who the people are with regards to their social status…

“People are very ambitious in NYC to move in the right direction and the right direction is behind Bill’s camera”

If I have learned one thing the past few years… it’s to wear what you want and when you want… you’d be surprised how much it is appreciated to express your individualism

Bill’s Iconic blue jacket:

The most real, humble and talented man in the industry changed this industry for the better 


Bill has a charisma and enthusiasm that is inspiring that makes you want to become his best friend