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SWEARBY: Editor Picks


Alas! This is the site I have long awaited for. I can’t tell you the amount of times I bought or tried a product because I read something about it on instagram or an ad… I am so over the falsity of affiliate marketing. Not to take away from the sector as it is growing and does serve certain purposes. But I want truth, honesty and real answers.

Basically I want people like my closest trusted friends to give me advice on what works for them and SWEARBY is that safe haven

As a fellow editor amongst some amazing women, we share the products we can’t keep to ourselves, we wished we knew sooner about and to save you the the trouble we already went through finding them!

I have always been a “big-sister” to my friends when it comes to recommendations, advice and new products, partially due to my passion for trying and finding the best of the best but it’s also my innate maternal instincts that wants everyone to know about them and try them too. We are all in this together and can all share something, it makes life so much better and more fun!

Enough with the secrecy of tips and tricks only to leave you wondering what the hell to buy. I have fallen victim to buying, say a mascara because one of my favorite actress’s swore by it. Not to say that might not have been the truth then, but for one I actually hated the mascara and thought she may have just been paid to promote it and felt dumb for even trying it. This platform is much closer to the source and the realness in product reviews is unparalleled. THIS is the group of girlfriends I have been looking for.

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SwearBy is a word-of-mouth marketplace

for only awesome products, by and for discerning women (like you).

An invitation-only crew of women with experience and style who share their Swears – not because we’re paid – but because we really mean it.

We take an oath and pinky-swear to share our honest to goodness favorite things to help you find your next favorite thing, faster.

Here are a few of my current obsessions: and products I can’t tell enough people about:

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel


Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

This is actually a great site to also scroll on through during gifting season!

Get your credit cards ready (or if your like me and have them memorized (not recommended) get your purchase finger ready to merrily click all the way through the holidays

Speaking of Gifting, you can feel my eye-roll from a mile away when an impromptu gifting event takes place leaving you little to no time to figure out what to buy… after all we, too need time to gift ourselves and utilize those face masks in the comfort of our own homes

Swearby’s got your back… check out their expert picks that don’t break the bank, hell yeah.

10 Luxury Gifts for Holiday under $50

I have actually been really into the satin rage saving- face, literally and giving you that extra dark atmosphere for the most restful sleep, this is beauty while you sleep. I might (aka definitely will) have to buy a few and keep one!

Slip Silk Sleep Mask

(added bonus it’s a hit with the Swearby CEO!)

BaubleBar Jewelry

Hardcore trending this season, resin hoops- perfect paired with a chic turtleneck or boat-neck

For those blessed enough to have the square footage to actually throw a holiday soirée, it is proper etiquette to never show up as a guest empty-handed. However this time of year can pose a bit of difficulty as no one wants to be a gift-repeater.

Shop these quintessential hostess gift picks she most likely does not already have…

Love this, especially for someone that always has guests, and I would not have thought of this myself, but I love a set of luxury soaps! It’s also something everyone wants to have but often don’t want to bring themselves to purchase for themselves

5 miniature bars in pretty pastel hues that are designed to resemble a box of macaroons. Each one is made from 100% vegetable oils and enriched with moisturizing Shea Butter.

Claus Porto Confetti Guest Soap Box

A chic cutting board that can be left out because… #art

How perfect and fitting is this slate board!?

Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board


Swearby is taking over, faster than a high school rumor…

This new trusty platform is being praised and chatted up with features in:

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