• Lauren Anderson

Rose Road

My affinity for rose colored cosmetics, decor, paint… and yes castles arose long before ever millennial discovered the color in all its renowned glory

There’s a magic to it. An allure. A regal refinement with a whimsical vibrancy.

I am forever pining over the Beverly Hills Hotel. After all, look at these refined embodiment of Hollywood in all it’s endless refinement

Yeah, sure this is how I envision myself in every day life, but The Beverly Hills Hotel makes that vision so much more attainable

Who doesn’t channel Princess Grace-esque manner when making an entrance

Rose hues doesn’t have the boldness of the fiery fierce reds, or the juvenility of magenta hues…

On its own shades of rose conveys a sense of nostalgia, yet fresh, clean spirit

There’s a reason we all want to see the world through rose-colored glasses… it’s demure, warm, à la mode yet timeless


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When it comes to home decor I, myself love hints and touches of rose & rose gold as it ties a room together. It’s not stark gold or solid pink it’s almost a “neutral” that maintains many facets, warming up a cool-toned area, or adding subtle calmness to a warm-toned corner

Indulge in the sense of femininity. It’s clean not bleak.

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I took this in West Palm, you’re droppin’ dead right?!

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Try & tell me these walls don’t warm up and liven up this hall… I’m all over it

There is always a place for a tufted piece in every room.

What better way to class-up a space with a fine tufted sofa!?

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As opposed to the care-free swan raft riding girls, I have deemed a weekend every July as “Rosé  & Go Away” I look forward to it every year.

In consists of cereal, Rosé, and movies all weekend.

It originated after a bad week at work and not wanting to leave my apartment.

Mind you, I live in NYC and burn out easily, so it’s well-worth it and deserved

Now I look forward to it.

Buy yourself a case and make your weekend tradition-worthy

I took these pictures in Charleston, because I am endlessly obsessed with that city, and dear me check out the cutest rose colors architecture.


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