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Nostalgia has been my style, my taste, my way of life since as long as I can recall

Now while we delve into menswear and womenswear here, I am always one to opt for a piece from the menswear section.

The fit

The comfort

The masculinity

The structure

all hits as quintessential when selecting pieces from menswear lines

A slightly formal girl at heart what I love about the art of dressing now is the ability to relax the formality and play with the tradition

What I love about traditional clothing is that it imparts history while almost encouraging a sense of rebellion

When everyone's given a uniform they respect it but still try to make it their own. Their personality oozes through discreet stitches, tucks, and twists.

We give a nod to the past while fist bumping the future in our own respect.

As I stir my tea with my antique monogrammed tea spoons I snuggle into my grandfather’s cardigan I bask in bliss of clean lines, embroidered initials, satin insets, and engraved buttons.

There’s a sense of romanticism in the classics and tradition 

My infatuation takes new heights in old-world charm, collegiate disposition & baronial legacies 

These collections have meaning, heritage, and soul THIS IS WHAT FASHION USED TO ALL BE ABOUT …BUILT ON AN UNWAVERING FOUNDATION

I don't approach any season without a hail to Ralph Lauren.

A brand that's held true to it's origin, navigated culture and trends whilst maintaining their aesthetic. I love this because when you love a brand this much it let's you continue to shop them because they evolve with you and don't stay stagnant. They grow your wardrobe and your loyalty.

Honestly every collection sends my adrenaline rushing.

Ralph Lauren has championed capitalizing on iconic tradition while consistently showing up with newness. I am also no stranger to purchasing a men's cardo or blazer and wearing it as a dress.

Shop editor picks below:

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Polo Suede Sport Coat

Soft Chalk-Stripe Knit Blazer

Knit Cotton Blazer

Polo Soft Tartan Sport Coat

2nd row L to R:

Herringbone Blazer

Nautical-Inspired Chino Jacket

Cotton-Blend Shawl Cardigan

Classic Fit Rugby Shirt

JACK CARLSON, of ROWING BLAZERS has captured, cultivated and revived the cult classics (and I'm dying)

shop the newest pieces and editor favorites below

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Now if you're interest in watching my heart flutter, my words jumble, and hearing my school-girl giggle (all before wine) you will introduce me to a fine gent donning a trimmed blazer

Perhaps my love of this apparel began in my early days of croquet after dinner with my parents and siblings

To be honest part of me participated because I adored the the pops of color on beautifully crafted mallets and balls

I have followed Scot Meachamwood for ages and he never fails to make me smile with his refined yet feisty taste follow his instagram here

He has a flair for color in elevated bespoke materials

If you want a foundation, an understanding of tried, true and proper, then start with Brooks Brothers.

The oldest retailer of the U.S, lovers of color as much as me, they were the first to introduce the ever preppily-popular madras.

I had an internship at Brooks Brothers in my final year of college. With such high regard to tradition and quality, it was a role I will never forget.

Tweeds, oxfords and ties piled sky-high, early photo's Kennedy-esque donning mood boards, and every man, a gentleman with a "ladies first" protocol.

The internship was a full lifestyle experience, the teams live this brand through and through.

Shop a few Brooks Brothers moments below:

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Three-Button Twill Sport Coat

Cotton Corduroy Jacket

Regent Fit Linen Tuxedo Jacket

Country Club Madison Fit Saxxon™ Wool Double-Breasted Blazer

Turn the pages of a J. Peterman catalog and you are whisked away as if diving into a Fitzgerald novel.

Their copy writing is unparalleled. J. Peterman pieces transports you "to a world full of travel, adventure, and romance; a world where the uncommon journey creates the memories we cherish most."

Shop J. Peterman picks below:

Shop L to R:

Rowing Blazer

The Perryville Jacket

1930's Club Sweater

Isle of Man Jacket

Peterman pieces always make me feel as if I am sifting through family heirlooms and finding timeless pieces, each with a story.

J. Peterman takes proper elegance next level with their accessories, from a leather wine carrier, to an umbrella seat stick.

Shop L to R:

Leather Wine Carrier

Umbrella Seat Stick

23K Concord Sunglasses

1903 Vintage Cologne

No one does tradition and class like the Brits. It's no surprise that I have an utter obsession with Kent & Curwen ,

"British sporting and regimental traditions have been reimagined to present renewed pride in the authentic roots of Kent & Curwen, in the charm and strength of character of British gentlemen across the decades."

Shop editor picks of Kent & Curwen below:

Shop the above L to R:

Striped Sleeve Shirt

Midnight Blue Wool Peacoat

Contrast Leather Varsity Jacket

Cashmere Blend Rose Patch Sweater

Nevertheless, tradition, classics and color reeled me for life.

Now, while I love formal and traditional

I have an affinity for a kick and a twist. 

Adding a bit of a rebellious flare, a loosening of the tie and letting down the hair vibe, if you will... And who better acquainted with color than artist, DONALD ROBERTSON,

Check out his Instagram here

Amidst the galavanting and music mid-soirée... Sit? You? Perish the thought! There are hands to be shaken, hugs to be had and stories to be made.

And gentlemen, if you must sit, perhaps choose a trouser of the proper fit and length- pants in a bunch has never been an appealing trait for any gender

My grandfather used to have his trousers tailored, for when he sat the front to back of the hem was graduated covering his heel, it was so chic.

My grandfather, a lean build, always opted for a suit jacket tailor to cover his behind.

Nothing is less appealing than a gent donning the appearance of crop-top suit jacket

PAUL STUART, a true player in the game, "combines Savile Row, Old Hollywood and a very distinct New York vibe to create timeless American classics with contemporary sophistication."

Shop the above Paul Stuart timeless pieces:

L to R:

Navy/White Deco Stripe Soft Jacket

Brown Raw Cut Edge Suede Jacket

Double Breasted Trench Coat

Navy Wool Blend Sport Jacket