• Lauren Anderson

Old magazine trends die hard

...Or at least my love or them does.

Obviously we're in quarantine at this point. I fled to my parents' country home just before the city took a turn for the worst, which leaves me and many others better off because I don't have the immune system to fight off anything heavier than a clip-on earring.

Call it nostalgia, or something meaner but I have a problem with throwing magazines away. I have realized I have inherited this among many other more admirable traits from my mother, as I scan past her stacks on stacks of home and decor magazines.

Take one look at her work, or attend one holiday and you'd be damned if you question what she wants to holds onto. Even though she doesn't even need inspiration from any source...

she's a born visual-artist.

(it's almost annoying for the rest of us who try).

She needs her own home decor magazine, I swear.

Art is always worth saving. Nothing feels better than being able to disconnect from the digital world and turn page after page, each one a memory or a story. And as time moves on our perspective on these trends, stories, and ideas change. Perhaps we can gain more from them now, or have a totally different take on the matter. Among the fashion faux-pas we were dead set on being the "it" look, these magazines are like smaller versions of years books in a piece of time we all experienced differently.

To some, the magazines are outdated, useless and maybe even pointless. But to me they are an archive of importance, marking time. I have a magazine from each milestone birthday month that I keep in mint condition. I loathe the day that pile becomes tall.

Everyone says fashion is cyclical but it's always inspirational. With everyone and everything moving so fast this quarantine time has given me a real chance to re-read the articles from past magazines. Perhaps now as I am in a different place in life I take in more and differently. But with hindsight perspective, we can also see what transpired after these trends, fads, and issues were discussed.

In essence, this little flip-down memory lane is a catch-up, a cup of coffee, a warm stroll down memory lane. And in nostalgia, all memories are found wondrous and blissful. Because of course now we also have the opportunity to laugh and shrug off the trends we tried and wanted to believe in with the archived social media posts to prove it.