• Lauren Anderson


The east coast saw the sun for the first time this week in what feels like a decade

Breakfast in Paris.

There is nothing more appealing to me than effortless enchantment 

And nothing does it better than a chic caftan

Veruschka - US Vogue February 15, 1966

Veruschka – US Vogue February 15, 1966

As a child (& even now) …

I envision myself in floating down a grand staircase with a floor-length caftan sweeping the stairs as it brushes into the breeze behind me  


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Fashion Theory: The Evolution of the Caftan - Elizabeth Taylor in a film still from X, Y

But like what’s more inviting than this look

(Plus, yeah… hi #nopantsnecessary)

a jersey caftan is more comfortable than wearing nothing. ask my pal here.

I have had a literal lifelong search for the perfect caftans & tunics to fit my vision of a living “Slim Aaron” lifestyle…

The Iconic Photographs of Slim Aarons                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr
Palm Springs is the perfect balance between bright and colourful, and glamorous and chic. Recreate the Palm Springs look in your bedroom or guest bedroom.

Alas,The stars have aligned & I have found my nirvana:

cue the “Hallelujah” chorus. Tell me you’re not inspired and a bit envious of this…. 

To transition from pajamas something even more comfortable and gorgeous, yeah I’ll take 2 of everything

Kaftan Love....via The French Eye

The beach is an ultimate day of activityFrom lounging to cocktailsTo be able to slip into an ultra-femme chic piece will make you feel editorial ready


Is a definite holiday/summer must-have 

Eco Friendly Caftan, Ethically Sourced, Locally Made, Black Maxi Dress

As if you needed more reasons to love Oceanandmain

All pieces are DESIGNED AND SEWN IN Los Angeles, California