• Lauren Anderson

International Women’s Day: Speak Up & Out

What better way to celebrate #InternationalWomensday than with a kick-ass female brand:

Dazey LA

Now it is in my innate nature (and in appreciation that it’s allowed) that I refuse to be silenced, “put in my place” or constricted

For all it is not that simple…

The Speak Up Speak Out collection

was designed to given women a voice in a society that often tries to silence them

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Speak Up Raglan

For me, International Women’s Day is every day that we are here.

                             Don’t apologize.

                             Don’t dull our shine.

                             Don’t step back.

                             Don’t disappear.

Can't Be Tamed Tee - Clay

Can’t Be Tamed Tee

There’s nothing I love more than genuine care & Dazey’s got my heart here covered…

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Dazey LA