• Lauren Anderson

In The Trenches..

High Brow - High Collar

I ducked into my usual corner table at the pub just on the outskirt of town. Crowded with its usual mish-mash of cable knits and lint-ridden coats, in he walked. Only he didn't walk, he glided. Two shakes of his waterproof trench outlining his frame like a slowed down old movie spotlight entrance. The clothes don't make the man, but damn if they don't help.

There's a reason the ol' act of seduction lies with just the trench and a sensible pair of Manolo's.  You literally don't need anything else to complete the look.

An absolute perfect pick for the season's transition into cold months, donning a trench coat is versatile whether you're going from work to dinner, or October to November.

I recently took a trip to Ireland, and having never been there I knew I had tot pack diligently and efficiently. (I still paid an overage fee.) But I am always sure to wear one of my favorite trenches while traveling, as it's comfortable, and long enough to keep my clothes fresh from all the public seating. I love that a trench is big enough to let you wear a multitude of outfits yet fitted enough to not let your drown frumpily.

Brooks Brothers

Now, if you're anything like me you like a bit of a production with even the simplest of things. Finding the best town coffee and croissant duo is a case of the debonair detective in town.

And one cannot investigate without said ones special case jacket.

When America joined the Great War on April 6, 1917, Brooks Brothers set to work equipping the men headed across the ocean with their uniforms and, of course, with their trench coats.

Double-Breasted Twill Trench Coat

An ode to tradition, the classics, the well-made, well-served, and treasured.


Iconically resilient, as not only a fashion staple but a fashion must-have, Thomas Burberry founded, refined and evolved the great Trench Coat.

I love pieces with history and purpose behind them. The Trench Coat was a design born from function to protect the military during the First World War.

Shop L to R:

The Mid-length Chelsea Heritage Trench Coat

The Westminster Heritage Trench Coat

The Long Chelsea Heritage Trench Coat

Technical Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat

Gone are the days of wearing an uncomfortable raincoat when it decides to not even rain. The Trench Coat is perfect for coolness, and precipitation yet it breathes with you as you whisk across town from meetings to hailing cabs for happy hour down town.

When you put it on you're uncritically admired and even adored. Framing that distinctive "movie-star" jawline a structured raised collar call attention to all the right features.

Shop the OUTNET L to R:

MAISON MARGIELA Cutout belted cotton-gabardine trench coat

WALTER BAKER Double-breasted gabardine trench coat

NILI LOTAN Topher cotton-gabardine trench coat

BASSIKE Belted cotton and linen-blend trench coat

There's a reason the Trench Coat is coat of choice for spies. Although not invisible, it does much the opposite, putting you on a pedestal of class and prestige. With distinguished durability, and functionality from coat to your quick shifting mind you might as well add Sherlock to your surname. Sharp as a tack, poised as a royal.


REFORMATION Holland double-breasted cotton-blend trench coat

MONCLER GENIUS + 1 JW Anderson Montacute padded shell down trench

R13 Belted satin-trimmed cotton-gabardine trench coat

TIBI Convertible vegan leather trench coat

Like I say with anything but especially with key pieces, get one that lasts. The Trench Coat is one of your investment pieces.

Shop Moda Operandi L to R: CAALO Two-Tone Cotton-Blend Trench Coat

Esse Studios Cotton Trench Coat

Loewe Leather-Trimmed Cotton-Gabardine Trench Coat

Boyarovskaya Convertible Cotton-Gabardine Trench Coat

A perfect muted neutral coat, cinched at the waist, and long enough to cover the knee, a conservative yet mysterious appeal the trench coat is suited for all occasions.

Shop Saks 5th Avenue L to R:

Mackintosh Roslin Belted Trench Coat

Monse Deconstructed Belted Trench Coat

Rag & Bone Adriene Trench Coat

Moncler Ebihens 3-In-1 Removable Down Vest Belted Trench Coat