• Lauren Anderson

Hott Times in the City

This ones for the NYC summer interns, newbies, haunted & daunted tourists & those just trying to get by 

We’re here to give you tips, tricks & products 

for ease (you’ll thank us… we did it the hard way) 

We all love a little classic handbag for our daily commutes. 

But in all honesty you will more than likely need a secondary bag 

After all you’re your probably packing your lunch/snacks, gym clothes, back up shoes and maybe some work if you’re the sort of over achiever that takes it home (we see you over-achievers)


Water-proof is more vital than you know in a city of unexpected downpours, spills, and drips from mystery sources 

(especially in the subway stations)

Finding the proper tote requires more than meets the eye. It should have a bit of structure; enough depth to hold books, files etc, and a flat bottom to avoid the shuffle of everything which will lead to the ever-unattractive-unavoidable two arm dig in public to find what you’re looking for 

Walking and cabs can be a drag

Try a carpool service: VIA

& use my coupon code for a $15 credit:lauren9n9x

Now speaking of ideal convenience…This advice is crucial for a flawless gracious transition from street, escalator to subway. The crowds: intimidating to newbies, visitors and the unprepared but honey that’s not you.

Keep your subway card separate and in a reachable pocket to reach for on your way down via escalator/stairs

Now I emphasize separate due to the unforgettable dropping of the wallet containing metro card/credit cards ….everything on the subway platform

This handy holder is from Madewell

Keep your subway card separate and avoid losing everything at once

And avoid having to expose your cc’s or money every time you hurriedly reach for the metro card

May I suggest the app: Transit to assist your trek 

This is a lifesaver for many.

Hydration on the go is key.NEVER go anywhere without a beverage in arm’s reach.

My choice of quench is 

They are versatile, stylish and honestly keep your water cold for days on end.

A ferocious cat-eye pair of sunnies can be found at Nordstrom:

Last Lolita 49mm Cat Eye Sunglasses


Who doesn’t love a good scrunchie? Check them out at Tossd

In that bag of yours pop in a little

travel size shampoo it’ll save your life

Super Fluid Daily UV Defense

I also love this product for a city smolder pollution-filled rescue

Skin Rescuer

Sweating it out on the sultry city sidewalks can attest to the fact that your skin glistens like a stroll through rainforest.

...With that in mind I always like to keep these in my handbag 

YUNI Beauty - Shower Sheets, Large Cleansing Body Wipes, Individually Wrapped for Workout and Travel, 12 Count

They are a game changer especially when you are just spent before your day even begins at the office

Now that you’re so fresh and so clean give a spritz of this & you’ll be better than perfect

Now I kid you not, just cause you’re out of the woods…

you’re not out of the woods when it comes to bug bites

Pop that B1 daily, as it helps eliminate the amount of bug bites you’ll getI did this last summer & noticed a major difference!

If ya dig this kindastuff… side note

Benfotiamine is a chemical sibling of the essential nutrient thiamine (vitamin B1). Thiamine helps to convert fats and carbohydrates into glucose, a form of fuel for the body.

Tossing a headscarf in your bag or tying it around your hand bag handle will give you a quick summer-chic option for tying that hair back without creasing

This Laurel Canyon Scarf

is from Anthro

A Central Park picnic? Oh, yes please.

Now if you aren’t the picnic swinging type, may I recommend Blue Stone Lane on 5th Ave across the street from the park (also convenient for a quick bite/coffee grab on your way to catch the 5th Ave bus downtown and see all the big shops along the way!)

Image result for bluestone lane 5th ave

Now: To rid yourself of that coffee breath…I keep a pack of these EVERY WHEREhandbags, desk drawers you name it…They are a god-send:


The Glossier  showroom is downtown 

Their products are great to carry in that pouch for a quick retouch

Now it’s true, no one does summer like New Yorkers… so since you are so prepared thanks in part to me

Top it off with a rooftop bar

Take in the sights the heights & the (somewhat) “knights”