• Lauren Anderson

Clear skies, new eyes- Warby Parker’s new collection has launched

Marcel Proust once said,

“The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing with new eyes” Haute off the presses, Warby Parker released their new line of eyewear and it’s a knock out! Warby Parker is your answer for eyes, new experiences, and new perspectives

In the realm of perspective, this company gives a pair to someone in need for every pair purchased

Living in the city, I tend to use my glasses as a bit of an escape

I like to hide behind my glasses and see life through a rose-colored lense some days

Crystal with Flash Mirrored Electric Pink lenses

If I could pick my all time favorite feeling int the world, it is the feeling of sun beams on my face


with summer on the way we are on the verge of bliss

Warby Parkers summer vibes this year are stellar & retro 

check out the new sunglasses styles now

Electrifying iridescent lenses will have you reflecting 

all season with positive vibes


The palette is bright—and this collection is all about the palette—but slightly sun-faded: taupe crystal, beach grass, weathered wood, rosy milky crystals, periwinkle, coral

summer blues

From bright skies to  chill indoor vibes… 

Shop the HASKELL collection now