• Lauren Anderson

Back To School The Way It Was

Although "back to school" is more different than ever

let's visit the way were

the romanticized

the innocents

the going-steadys, pep-rallies, sock hops...

the O.G's

The confidence of strategic athleticism with the unshakable moxie as a class-leader, a role model, hell, an ICON.

My forever sweetheart. You never missed a football game. The shuffle of pom-poms still palpable. Slow dances to fast cars and endless milkshakes… (yes I grew up in a small town) What we remember forever are those high school days.

Stomp your feet.

To the alma mater we all know, love, and will never get out of our heads.

From team cheers & chants, hallway gossip & endless weekend drives…the golden years will always hold a place in our heart. And we will live in the nostalgia embedded in our wardrobe

Meet me at the bleachers, 3’o clock, don’t be late. xx