• Lauren Anderson

Autumnal Allies

You’re shot-gun, your Cary Grant-type is driving the open road down the coast your head on his shoulder. Your silk scarf draped over your bouffant and twisting and twirling in the wind behind you. The convertible top is down obviously, because how else do endless loves venture?

Scarves have been making a comeback, and thank god.

I have called it as an upcoming trend- TWICE, in the times that it has trended in my lifetime.

It doesn’t need to be a backdrop of Bali or Tulum to be relevant in your everyday wear; Fall scarves call for darker hues, & more serious patterns of hounds tooth, tartans & perhaps equestrian prints

Transitioning lighter pieces into chillier weather is elegant, whimsical and a beauty in change.

From layers delicate sheers and laces, to tweeds and tartans Autumn presents endless opportunity for dressing


BB Dakota



 A cropped light jacket, paired with shorts and boots are the perfect amount of coverage and weight for Fall weather.

 Heavier darker fabrics allude to chillier seasons, maintaining a fine balance is a thicker darker pair of shorts to juxtapose the short length.

Givenchy 2016

Love these office-chic boucle tweed shorts with a cinched waist creating coveted curves



A wide wale cord adds texture to any look, and is the perfect weight for that late-night Fall chill

This plush oversized corduroy jacket, feels like you just swiped it off your big brothers shoulders, but he doesn’t care, ’cause you wear it better.

 A jacket that reminisces the 60’s in the best way and  in stride with the revived revolution of anti-establishment rebellion.


(top left clockwise) Moon River  Urban Outfitters Hayward ALEXACHUNG

Chic clean lines of simplicity are tried and true with none other than a turtleneck. I love form-fitting turtlenecks that reveal your shape to not get lost in the world of boyfriend-oversized jackets and other swallowing pieces.  A form-fitting top maintains the balance.



Denim is the quintessential weight and timeless closet staple from head to toe.

Now as for denim. For me it’s much to hot until the autumn breeze takes up the summer lease that I can start to entertain a relationship with pants again, let alone jeans.




Leather mixed with lace, black sheer tights, knit jerseys…

Equals a rebellious bliss in the name of comfort and edge


If you’re not quite ready to plunge into the dark abyss of black

Opt for a lighter hue like this Ted Baker  moto

Aesthetic over function.

UM Hiiiiiii, these leather fingerless gloves are stunning & a great way to incorporate leather before it’s time for a full finger-covered handwarmer

Embroidered leather a bit of an investment- yes (although these are a steal!) But so gorgeous and ornate that paired with even the simplest of tees you are transformed into a chic-swan

The gloves are never coming off…

The trees shed their leaves for new identities in shifts with the seasons, as we layer, tuck, and tailor for autumnal identities at last.

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